Blackjack Strategy

What is the blackjack strategy?

By adhering to the strategy of playing online blackjack, you will be able to play a game with a predetermined plan of action. Most players, especially amateurs, make decisions during the game spontaneously, while those who use a strategy know exactly what move to make in any situation.

Combined with other strategies such as card counting, this mindful play will help you win more online casinos in the long run. Don’t forget to thank us the next time you win!

The casino doesn’t always win! Although the casino has a slight advantage over the players, you can win much more often by applying the blackjack strategies we have described. Most importantly, always play responsibly and never bet more than you can afford to lose.

When to double down

Doubling down is a strategy that allows you to double your initial bet after a hand, and should be done in a situation where you have a statistical advantage over the dealer. Things to keep in mind: doubling down can result in a 100% increase in winnings, however, this is a risky move that can have serious consequences.

Separation of couples

If you decide to split a pair of cards, you will get two separate hands with which you will continue the game. These arms cannot be folded back.

Pair splitting can only be done if you have dealt (s) two cards of the same value. Such a move will not only double the number of hands you will be playing next, but will also increase your chances of beating the dealer.

Remember that it is not always necessary to break a couple. In the following table, you will find comprehensive information on when it is worth doing and when not.

As with doubling up, you need to double your original bet to split the pair. So it’s probably best to avoid this strategy if you’re low on chips.

Refusal to play

Although withdrawing a bet from a player is a strategy that is rarely used in online casinos, it can still be used in certain situations.

Refusing to play means losing a hand at the expense of half of the initial bet, which will reduce losses with bad cards. Such a move will not only save you from losing the entire bet if the dealer’s hand turns out to be stronger, but will also allow you to demonstrate your skills at online casinos.

Blackjack Insurance

The last strategy to learn before playing online blackjack is insurance. That is, a move when a player puts an additional insurance bet equal to half of the original one, if the dealer’s first open card is an ace. Placing such an “insurance” bet allows you to stand your ground if the dealer hits a blackjack. If the dealer does not have a “blackjack”, the player will lose the insurance bet, but continue the game with his main bet.

A message about the possibility of insuring a bet while playing blackjack online appears in a special pop-up window if a situation occurs when such a move is available.

When should you insure a bet? By and large, only if you count cards or have a strong intuition – otherwise it does not make much mathematical sense. Just because the dealer’s up card is an ace doesn’t mean he’s going to have a blackjack, so get in on the action.

What is card counting?

Card counting is the name of a strategy by which a player remembers the cards that have been dealt during a game. The idea is to keep in mind what cards are left in the game, and thus try to guess if you will get the right card.

For example, if you think that only high value cards are left in the shoe, then depending on the situation, you can increase or decrease your bet.

Although card counting is considered a rather difficult strategy, this is only a common misconception. You don’t need to be a genius to learn this – so practice at home or while playing with friends, and then feel free to try your skills online.

Is card counting legal?

Another common misconception is that card counting is illegal. And this is completely untrue! Quite the contrary: this strategy is absolutely legally used by professional players around the world. Card counting becomes illegal only if it uses any assistive devices, such as card counting applications, or if additional persons are involved in the process to assist the player in counting. In this case, the casino has every right to impose a ban on the game.

However, card counting is frowned upon by some of the largest casinos in Las Vegas and elsewhere, such as Atlantic City. Yes, some casinos can actually kick a player from the table if they suspect that he (she) is counting cards. However, fortunately, this cannot happen in online casinos.

The main thing you should know is that card counting is a completely legal strategy. Moreover, it is used by professionals all over the world, both online and offline.